Nkenganyi Tajocha Clovis is a tech enthusiast who has a vision and this vision is aimed at changing technology in Cameroon as a whole, and putting Cameroon on the map when it comes to technology.
This is my Portfolio site which is aimed at showcasing my personality that the world needs to know, be it career-wise (in the field of technology and business).
As a young man, i tend to be very passionate about entrepreneurship which is important to my daily growth in life, psychologically and financially.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

The entrepreneurial mindset is a mindset which deals with a certain way of thinking
It is the way in which you approach challenges and mistakes. It is about an inherent need to improve your skill set and to try and try again.

Why is it important??
The entrepreneurial mindset is what you need to propel yourself forward.
This mindset can dim as you get entrenched in the daily grind of entrepreneurship.
But by making an effort to embody this mindset, you position yourself to meet everyday challenges and experience growth.